Things to do before the workshop

Login to the Miro Board using the link and password sent in the email. Review the board and add your bio in the profile section.

Review other research papers accepted for the workshop.

Add keywords and discussion topics in the Miro Board according to the common interest with other authors.

Set a remider to join the workshop on Zoom on 28th April using the link and password sent in the email.

Accepted Research Papers

Authors Submission
Carolin Stellmacher
University of Bremen
Exploring Strategies for Sustainable Design and Deployment of Novel Haptic Interfaces
Romain Nith, Shan-Yuan Teng, Pedro Lopez
University of Chicago
Building Miniature and Standalone Haptic Wearables for Integrating into the Real World
Alex Atchenson, Karrie Karahalios
University of Illinois
As Clear as Day! Considering Transparency in Haptic Design
Ambika Shahu, Phillip Winterberger, Florian Michahelles
Technische Universität Wien
From Biological to Digital Organs: A Design Space for Human-Machine Integration
Frank Wencheng Liu, Mason Manetta
Arizona State University
A Wrist-worn Device for Pneumatic Haptic Proxies - Touching Virtual Objects
Barbro Scholz, Maik Helfrich, Tobias Fox
University of Applied Sciences Hamburg
Enhancing immersion in multisensory VR environments through e-textile haptics, sound
and visuals
Bingjian Huang, Daniel Vigdor
University of Toronto
Enhancing Understanding of Human Haptic Perception on the Bodys
Steeven Villa, Albrectht Schmidt, Sven Mayer
LMU Munich
Haptic Launcher: Collaborative Robots as base framework for augmenting haptic
Yannick Weiss, Florian Müller, Albrecht Schmidt
LMU Munich
Exploring the Potential of Sensory Illusions for Haptic Interfaces
Thomas Müller, Michael Rothammer, Jannis Jetter
Technical University of Dresden
Hapticlabs – A toolkit to democratize the design of tactile feedback
Margot Racat, Charles Hofacker, Eric Vezzoli Towards a virtual haptic signature: how texturing the screen improve consumer
product understanding and purchase intention.